GBWN Admin's Wi-Fi Maps

This is GBWN's secret page. Not linked in my site.
My county's time zone is "UTC +9".
North and South American peoples, Europeans are difficult to play with me.
If you want to contact me, You can use AWBW's game broadcast, My AWBW forum's account,
And use my site's forum. This page has my forum's direct link.
But you must enable to Java Script to go to forum page.
This is able to use all English comment. but all information's are Japanese.
I used AWBW's good maps. Thank you for create for all wonderful map creators.

19 games, 13 win, 5 lose, and 1 draw.
But 4 time's lose are Wi-Fi connection's server error...

Rivals!(AW Hard)
Babyron Gulf R(GBWT)
Dragon Bay R(GBWT)
Bomber Strike #6
Spiral Basin
Back to Basic
Euro Island #1
A Simple 1 VS 1
A Local War #2
Poseidon's Crack
The World #3
Question's Mark
Orbital Ring
1-up Island
City Raid
Puyo #4
King of the Hill
A Randam Map
First to Fall
Caustic Finale
Logistics Lite
Normal Map
Dog Fighters
Green Moon
Final Fight
The Colosseum
The Span Map
Afternoon Tea
North Star
Needled 24/7 #5
Puddle Death
Blue Moon Emblem
Piddle Death
Awe of Sea
Puddle Death 2
Death Notepad
The Final Battle(AW Hard)

Maps's Note
Caulder(Stolos) and Isabella(Catleia) are default BAN.

Broken Propertie's Plain changed to Ruins.
Pipelines and Joint changed Plasma and Meteor Piece.
Missle Silo(Used) changed to Waste Land.
Ghost Properties changed to Temporary Properties.

Gray Color is not playable. Please don't use it.

#1(Euro Island) changed to symmetry map
#2(A Local War)'s Recons changed to captured Raders.
#3(The World) changed basic income(To 6000G) and changed small Island's City to Com Tower.
#4(Puyo) fixed to South City's around Road.
#5(Needled 24/7) changed middle Missle Silo(Used(Former Laboratory)) to Temporary Airport.
#6(Bomber Strike) changed neutral Com Tower to Temporary Airport.