Invite Game

This is GBWN's secret page. Not linked in my site.
If you want to play with me, You can use AWBW's game broadcast,
My AWBW forum's account, And use my site's forum.
Game account's message box always full. Please use another command.
This page has my forum's direct link.
But you must enable to Java Script to go to forum page.
This is able to use all English comment. but all information's are Japanese.

All(1-10), Broken(1-8), High Tiers(1-7), Normal(1-5), Low Tiers(1-4), Same COs, and No COP.
Those 7 situations are best. FoW and player's turn are deside yourself.
You may use me in new map or your created map test.
Please call me many situation's game.
But I don't want to play not 1 on 1 game(It is influence to Boot). Be careful...

My AWBW all CO tiers list

Name Face My Rating Tiers
Nell 7/10 High Tier
Andy 5/10 Normal
Max 4/10 Normal
Sami 7/10 High Tier
Hachi 10/10 Broken(CGH)
Jake 5/10 Normal
Rachel 5/10 Normal
Olaf 4/10 Normal
Grit 9/10 Broken(CGH)
Colin 10/10 Broken(CGH)
Sasha 7/10 High Tier
Eagle 8/10 Broken
Drake 4/10 Normal
Jess 2/10 Low Tier
Javier 2/10(0T)
Low Tier
High Tier
Kanbei 9/10 Broken
Sonja 2/10
Low Tier
High Tier
Sensei 9/10 Broken
Grimm 3/10
Low Tier
Flak 1/10 Low Tier
Adder 3/10 Low Tier
Lash 6/10 High Tier
Hawke 6/10 High Tier
Sturm 9/10 Broken
Jugger 2/10 Low Tier
Koal 4/10 Normal
Kindle 6/10 High Tier
Von Bolt 6/10 High Tier